For The Win

Mobile game UI Design


Time Frame




For the win is a mobile shooting game designed for smartphones, where  players use weapons to engage in combat and eliminate enemies.
My roles as a UI designer involved:
  • Work closely with the lead designer and collaborate on the entire design process in which I am involved.
  • Create a damage indicator, and banners for kill/multi-kill announcements.


When I stepped into the project, it didn't take long to figure out the problems we were facing. The fundamental loop of shooting and securing kills required gameplay highlights, a core visual aspect to a players' gaming experience, but yet it had not been built.


While working with the existing visual design language of the game, we designed callouts that were more rewarding to look at, improved visibility and organized other existing elements to make it fit within the game. My role included : 

  • Design each killing announcement to convey a different feeling as it escalates
  • Design a damage indicator to effectively communicate that the enemy has been damaged

CONCLUSION [my learning & insights]

Early on, it became clear to me that my grasp of the game's thematic and visual communication wasn't as thorough as it should be. Initially, my focus was more on the structural aspects of design rather than ensuring thematic consistency.

This journey highlighted the importance of leveraging existing visual languages, both to prevent player confusion and to deepen immersion. Emphasizing attention to detail proved critical, as it enhanced the overall quality and coherence of the game's world. Ensuring that the design of kill announcements matched the game's sci-fi and approachable theme was essential not only for visual harmony but also for amplifying the immersive experience.

Overall, I have learned the critical role that thematic consistency and attention to detail play in creating a cohesive and engaging user experience. Moving forward, I will prioritize these elements in my design approach, ensuring that every aspect of the UI contributes to the game's overall narrative and player immersion.